Post Pictures of Your Metal Pipes!

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
Thise are Kirstens. The radiator looking pipe is a Greenwich House pipe. It didn’t have the box, and the pipe originally would have had an all briar bowl and the radiator style bowl as a set. My pipe was never smoked. The Kirstens have some miles on them, but they are in great shape. I wasn’t letting them go to the trash.
Apart from lightly used estates that have been professionally cleaned, I learnt the hard way to not ever buy estate pipes ever again.
The only exception is that I will buy estate metal pipes that have no dings or tooth-marks since they are so easy to restore.

These are two Falcons, two Alco Universal and a Titan. [Sorry don't know how to upload pics from phone - sellers pics] They cleaned up really well.


I've also got two other Falcons that were estate pipes.

A 1920's NOS Systems-pipe that I won on ebay.


I'd really like to add a Kirsten but can only find U.S. sellers. They usually start at $100. Add the postage and with the poor exchange rate it adds up to close to $250aud. I'd like a Kirsten Sitter in particular and they're even dearer.

I'd also like a Dr Grabow Viking but good ones aren't cheap either. Many Vikings I've seen for sale are in terrible shape, flaking, dented with mouth bits that looked like they've been chewed on by a dog.
Can't edit above post ^^^^; meant to write around $220aud for a straight Kirsten estate, taking into account postage and exchange rate.
A bent Kirsten is closer to $250aud while a sitter is even more.
There's a 1/4 bent Kirsten in very good condition on ebay asking $180usd. With postage that's $315aud :eek:
Bent Kirstens seem to be rare, especially in good shape. A bent Kirsten looks so much better than a straight example so the seller will probably get the asking price. [Sorry I don't know how to link; for those interested the seller is bearrs7]