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PS Optimum


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I recently purchased 2 ounces of Optimum because it was a nice aromatic. Did PS change the blend? This new batch did not have the pleasant fruity room note, the flavor was not the same, and it bit like a rabid badger. I smoked a partial bowl yesterday and my tongue is still calling me unprintable names.


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I haven't smoked Optimum in years but the room note garnered a lot of compliments and walk-ins at the B&M I used to frequent. Hopefully others will chime in with their recent experiences and your batch was just a fluke. Any chance they just sent something mislabeled?


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Can’t offer any opinion re: your question but I did want to suggest that you try C & D’s Founding Fathers if you like Optimum. It’s surely not the same, but it’s similar and good in its own right.