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PSD 2019 Pipe of the Year MAKER Poll

Which maker would you prefer for the 2019 POY?

  • Boswells (bent sitter nosewarmer)

    Votes: 54 34.4%
  • Radice (rusticated billiard)

    Votes: 103 65.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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I'm personally drawn to the Radice with the faux bamboo...but this being the POY and Boswell's leaving the ordering window open so long I had to vote for the Boswell...gives anyone who joins later in the year a chance to buy one and that's a big reason the POY is a thing to me.
This should probably mentioned whenever you are eulogized. "That's just the kind of guy he was."
Yeah I didn't really conjure those numbers.
View attachment 21959

View attachment 21960

This is an older Twin Bore Bark so there will certainly be some differences. Chamber diameter is 7/8".

Also you can see that the shank colors in a bit with smoking & handling.
There are also couple Bamboo carved Billiards on SP and both are just about 6" long with a 2" tall bowl. This seems a size to expect.


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Both options are great.
Got me thinking....

Are either Radice OR Boswell ok with making their offer the 2020 POY?

If so, you guys on the BT could save yourselves a lot of headaches by doing this:

The maker who will NOT extend the offer to next year gets the nod as this year's POY.
The maker willing to extend the offer gets the job for 2020.
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