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PSD 2019 Pipe of the Year MAKER Poll

Which maker would you prefer for the 2019 POY?

  • Boswells (bent sitter nosewarmer)

    Votes: 54 34.4%
  • Radice (rusticated billiard)

    Votes: 103 65.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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I count 120+ total votes with radice doubling up boswell. Is this thing in the books? I'm not sure how many members there are total. I'm a nose warmer guy myself, but I already have a boswell nosewarmer & can't deny the beauty of value of the radice. Truly 2 great options. Thanks guys!
IIRC the vote period was to go 7 days. If the Radice is declared the winner, we vote next on what version
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