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PSD 2019 Pipe of the Year MAKER Poll

Which maker would you prefer for the 2019 POY?

  • Boswells (bent sitter nosewarmer)

    Votes: 54 34.4%
  • Radice (rusticated billiard)

    Votes: 103 65.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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I guess a lot of people sign up for a forum and then don’t participate much. I get that. I’ve signed up on (non pipe) forums to research a subject & afterwards not visited them very often. There’s just so much time, energy, and money you can direct to non work and family outside interests.
Kinda the reason I’ve been absent from PSD for pretty much all of its life. There’s only so much time in the day. But whenever I find my way back here again, it feels like home.

It’d feel even more like home with a Boswell’s POY though. :whistling:


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I decided to abstain from voting.

I have already set my pipe budget for 2019 and I had not included USD100-150 for a POTY. Also, it is the long school holidays here in AUS and my income is currently zero. I am living off savings until school returns in Feb.

I see many Boswell pipes that peak my interest but this option is not for me. Not keen on the bamboo look either. The Radice with the band however, I like that a lot.

So, if voting goes the way of the band and there happens to be enough, I may have to reconsider!
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