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PSD 2019 Pipe of the Year Selection Poll (Radice)

Which Radice POY Option Do You Prefer?

  • Option 1: Radice Rind Billiard with "colorful wooden band."

    Votes: 78 50.3%
  • Option 2: Radice Rind Billiard with 3-knuckle "faux-bamboo" shank.

    Votes: 77 49.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Mostly Harmless
Staff member

Ok folks the PSD 2019 POY Makers Poll closed this morning and Radice won the prize; the final vote was 103 Radice v. 54 Boswells. So now we have to choose one of the two options Radice provided.

Option 1-
Rind billiard with a "colorful wooden band":

Option 2-
Rind billiard with a 3-knucke faux-bamboo (briar) shank.

So there you have it - we can't lose either way!
Enjoy folks!

This poll will close in 7 days.
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