PSD 2019 Pipe of the Year Selection Poll (Radice)

Which Radice POY Option Do You Prefer?

  • Option 1: Radice Rind Billiard with "colorful wooden band."

    Votes: 78 50.3%
  • Option 2: Radice Rind Billiard with 3-knuckle "faux-bamboo" shank.

    Votes: 77 49.7%

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Well, we cover a broad spectrum of the shaving community, and while I hope that all are either gainfully employed or happily retired, we are also a party of inclusion. Even as we grapple with our hippie opponents in written words we look forward to the day when we can offer them a fill of tobacco for their tye died pipes, tilt a beverage, and talk of peace and community.
Nay, say not that we are opponents. Merely brethren estranged in our rites and ways.
And we hippies shall welcome all of our misled shamboo brothers with open arms whence they return to the fold of rightness and righteousness.

PS- read in the voice of the Royal Shakespeare Company.


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The poy doesn't count. It's not a pipe, it's a physical manifestation of community that, through sheer coincidence, can be filled with tobacco.
I was talking to my wife about it a little while ago. Even she told me I’d probably regret not buying it.

I’m not counting it as buying a pipe, more like paying club dues.


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This is not a cheerleading post, it's an attempt to have those sitting on the fence about ordering a pipe to get off the fence.
I have ordered a POY every year except the very first where Doug made the cobs.
Through the years, if I had a dollar for everybody who wanted one regretted not getting one, I would be able to buy a few of this year's POY.
I COMPLETELY understand if it is a financial situation. I was on the fence with the Altinok pipe that year because it was a bit out of my Money Wheel House. But I am glad I did. This year is the same, but I gotta go with the Savinelli, oops, Radice.........
That's why you see the past POY's snatched up pretty quick when somebody posts one here for sale.