PSD 2020 Pipe of the Year Discussion


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Welcome to the Madness!!!

The Pipe Smokers Den 2020 Pipe of the Year Brain Trust (PSD2020POYBT) consists of @blackmouth210 , @MakDragon , and me. @DGErwin11 is also involved, but as more of a spiritual director than an actual decision maker.

We have been trotting around the globe making contacts and holding high level meetings for several months now and are officially prepared to begin 2020 POY discussions.

We have done a lot of legwork and have reduced the field down to two potential Makers:
Morgans Bones and Radice.

So let's get right into it.
Read. Re-read. And re-re-read the following:

Morgan Bones
Chris Morgan is offering two potential shapes; Bent Dublin or a Straight Bulldog. Either option would be blasted with a virgin finish.

Photos & Specs
Bent Dublin:

Length: 147.32 MM (5.8")
Bowl Height: 50.8 MM (2")
Chamber Depth: 40.64 MM (1.6")
Chamber Diameter: 21.08 MM (.83")

Straight Bulldog:

Length: 142.24 MM (5.6")
Bowl Height: 44.45 MM (1.75")
Chamber Depth: 38.1 MM (1.5")
Chamber Diameter: 20.32 MM (.80")

$50 for either option.
Shipping will be $9 domestic, $36 international.
Shipping cost is the same cost regardless of quantity ordered, even if you order other items off of the Morgan Pipes site when checking out for the POY.

We are tentatively planning on opening the window for Pre-Orders in early March. During this window you would send @blackmouth210 a DM via this forum using a Subject Header that we will provide later. The DM would include the number of Bones POY pipes you wish to pre-order.
1. The pre-order should be considered a “commission”. Do not pre-order unless you will be buying.
2. No money will be paid up-front.
After the Pre-Order window is closed, Chris Morgan will begin making the POY. Upon completion of the order, @blackmouth210 will send each person who pre-ordered a link to a private page on the Morgan Pipes site. You will be able to purchase the POY(s) you pre-ordered via that link.
Because the pre-orders and the quantities purchased by you will all be on the “honor system” the PSDPOYBT requests that you buy what you pre-order, no more and no less.

The entire number of POY pre-orders will be made at once. Chris and his team will begin work immediately after the Pre-Order window has closed. Depending upon the quantity ordered, the entire batch should be completed in approx. 2-3 months at most. Maybe sooner.

The Radices are offering two potential shapes: Straight Billiard or a Bent Apple. Either option would be rusticated and stained. All pipes would be Oil Cured. For an additional cost the Radices will make us Twin-Bore stems.

Photos & Specs:
Straight Billiard:
gary fallout

Length: 140 MM (~5.5")
Bowl Height: 49.5 MM (~2")
Chamber Depth: 34 MM (~1.3")
Chamber Diameter 20 MM (.79~)

Bent Apple:

Length: 135 MM (5.3")
Bowl Height: 42.5 MM (1.7")
Chamber Depth: 36 MM (1.4")
Chamber Diameter: 20MM (.79")

Radice Oil Cured pipes would be 170€ (~$190), shipping included.
Radice Oil-cured Twin Bore pipes would be 190€ (~$212), shipping included.

Odering would be done exactly like last year. Basically you will send Marzio Radice an email with a specific Subject Header which we will provide, and tell him how many you want. Marzio will invoice you. Then you send a copy of your confirmation to me so nothing slips through the cracks. This worked very well last year. We are tentatively planning on opening the Ordering Window in early March. Up to 100 pipes available.

Estimated Production:
Again just like last year.
The Radices are a two or three man operation so they will produce our pipes in lots of 25. Orders will be fulfilled in the order received. Last year they were taking about 2 weeks per lot, which was remarkable. This year would take longer due to the oil-curing process. If Radice is selected we will narrow down these logistics asap.

So how to proceed?
Well, we will leave this thread open for the duration of the 2020 POY. All discussions should be done HERE. In a week or so, once you have all digested this information, we will put up a "2020 Pipe of the Year Makers Poll." The poll will be open for 14 days.

Once that is completed we will put up the "2020 Pipe of the Year [Selected Maker] Shape Poll." That poll will also be open for up to 14 days.loop

After the shape is selected we will contact the maker to set up for Ordering.

Pretty easy, eh?

Ok, have at it people.


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In all seriousness. I do not envy the PSD2020POYBT. We have several excellent choices, going back to the PSF days. Each year it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with a couple of unique options. Honestly, if it was up to me we might could end up transitioning to POYxxxxBilliardoOY. So have fun and 1)Be glad it is not up to me and 2) Have fun with it. That is why we do it.

Inevitably there will some of you who will not like the choices or are upset your choice did not win. A mild statement of disappointment is OK, public pouting, not so much.