PSD 2020 Pipe of the Year Discussion


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I use the Fedex, DHL and UPS apps on my phone and they usually update when a shipment is on the way to me. I'm hoping the Fedex one does as well, but I'll email Marzio just in case.
I don't know how things work in Canada
I was waiting for that from someone. Did all engineering wear red? I think the security types did... and they were used like pawns.
Well, to be fair, when a commander views a direct combat role group, in this instance the away team security fodder, casualties are an expectation, so yeah, your kind of an expendable asset when you agree to take that job.


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Sorry gang, it’s been a bit due to working in healthcare and this Covid stuff but I got my POY invoice and paid so can’t wait! I thought my order got lost in this chaos, so glad it’s still coming. Great pictures posted!

Mine just arrived! I got the same colour as my other PSD POY, how'd they know? View attachment 64909
And look at that, I got the 2 Euro version.
View attachment 64912
What a beauty worth 2 Euro all day! 🤫🤣