For Sale PSD Coffee Mugs and Tobacco Drying Plates


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Long story short, Mrs. Stick has decided to quit her job and homeschool Twig. She’s always been into doing craft type stuff, so she’s going to be making and selling things from home now.

Of course, me and my big mouth go “Sugar, I bet the boys would buy the hell out of PSD coffee mugs and tobacco trays.” So, here we are.

For right now, I wanted her to keep it simple and get her confidence up. Just like Henry Ford said, you can get these in any color you like, so long as it’s black. (The mugs anyway. Plates are white.)

Pipes, tobacco, fence, and grass not included.
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Mugs will be $20 and plates will be $15. Buy both, we’ll do it for $30, bubble wrapped, boxed, tracked and insured. Price includes shipping anywhere in the US. Overseas, contact me and we’ll make it happen.

She’s going to start with a fairly small batch, and ramp up production if there’s enough interest. If this takes off, she’s talked about turning it into a yearly thing for the holidays and maybe even doing PSD ornaments too.

PM me to purchase, ask questions, or just to laugh at me for having to answer “this gold, or this gold?” approximately 637 times before we settled on... gold.

*Be aware that these are not being sold by PSD itself or any of the staff. Any issues with shipping, price, etc, should be directed to me, not forum staff.*

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Precisely why I’m hiding out by my truck for now.
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Hiding by your truck, but also excellent product placement in the photo.

That mug would be a great pipe caddy. I'll bite.

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What's not to like?