PSD POY 2021 Preliminary Announcement


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Ladies and Gents. The time has arrived to start the planning for the PSD POY 2021.
@Spillproof and @DGErwin11 have officially turned over the reins to the next BrainTrust. Hence forth known as BT2021.
BT2021 will consist of myself, @blackmouth210 and @Billy Joe along with @Spillproof and @DGErwin11 as spiritual guidance directors.

I seriously do not know why I said yes to this undertaking but it may have something to do with me hitting my head repeatedly on hard objects during last year's project or maybe the pictures Doug says he took of me holding @Russ H. pants at the last Hooligans Meet.

We have had a few lengthy discussions on how to proceed this year with as little fanfare and headaches as possible. For one thing, the year has been an extremely stressful time for most of us and some more than others. Making a pleasant, simple, smooth and fairly affordable POY project this year would be just the ticket.

That being said, we are in the process of reaching out to a minimal number of pipe makers and keeping options both simple and affordable for as many members as possible.
We have already had discussions with past POY potential makers and look forward to working with one of them.

Once we have a pipe maker nailed down in the next few weeks, we will then be presenting the options to discuss and vote on in a separate thread.

Those options will most likely be choices based simply on the shape and finish of the pipe.

Ok Lads and Lasses, have at it until the next thread.....................

P.S. I have been breeding horses all summer just in case.....