PSD POY 2021 Preliminary Announcement


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Oh no no no, you misunderstood, its a choice, a box of Mississippi mud for a pipe kit, or a t shirt that may or may not come with a fine coating of white dog hair for extra warmth!
I choose the mystery box. Who could say no to the mystery box?
Is it mud, a shirt, a shirt that was used to clean up mud, making a strange ticking sound with a counting clock, who can say?!


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Well this thread has slowed... a sure sign that this years POY is ready to ship? Surprise everyone the braintruat has already done all the work for us
This is the part that our veteran population knows best, the hurry up and wait for answers, manufacturers have to agree to work with the BT, then the BT has to present whatever offers they have to us, and the rest of us do our best to get a full wagon teams worth of horses in the meantime :puffy:


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Lol, ahhhh yes, Mr. Jackson and his creative license, he certainly has an abundance of creativity to have dreamt all that up.
I think the man himself, JRR Tolkien, came up with that one.

To quote Wiki google search: A team of twelve Rhosgobel rabbits are known to have been of use to Radagast the Brown, as they pulled his sleigh. They were first seen carrying Radagast from Rhosgobel after his encounter with the Giant Spiders, through Mirkwood to Dol Guldur following the trail of the Giant Spiders.

And now we know where Radagast ended up - Ozark Wizard on PSD!