PSD Slow Smoke - Contestants


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43 minutes outside.
Impressive! That's a pretty darn good time. I'll have to keep my eye on ya! :thumb-yello:
I haven't done a trial run yet, but I'm going to very soon. I think the largest obstacle for me will be ash accumulation, since we've been given three grams. I haven't decided which pipe to use, but I'm leaning toward my Nording bent egg because of its very wide and deep chamber.
I gave one of the 3g packets a shot in an Urquiza strawberrywood diplomat and the tobacco all just fit exactly. I was a bit surprised since I thought the bowl would be a bit small. I didn't choose the pipe for any particular reason - it was just its turn in the rotation. I was reading some magazines and not particularly concentrating. My prior experience with UPCA SloSmokes is that concentration is crucial Even so, I got 58 minutes on just one match.