PSD Tobacco of the Year


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Ernie Quint at Watch City and I are trying to gauge the interest level of having a PSD Tobacco of the Year. It will be a Virginia/Oriental blend pressed into a crumble flake. This blend will be put together by Ernie in stages, taste tested by me and then tweaked by Ernie. The process will take a few months, as we endeavor to provide our members with the finest blend possible. The final decision will be Ernie's. I'm just the tester, and I would not care to tell him his business. So the final blend will be all Ernie (and thank your lucky stars for THAT!).

Pricing is set at (minimum 4 oz purchase):
4-7 oz... $4.80/oz plus shipping
8-15 oz...$4.30/oz plus shipping
16-79 oz...$3.90/oz plus shipping

So that Ernie knows how much to make, I'd like to get feedback from you individually as to how much you think you'd like to buy. I'll keep a tally and advise Ernie. Note that I understand if something comes up and you are unable to purchase when the blend becomes available. Your feedback doesn't constitute absolute commitment... I won't send any thumb breakers to your house. But please do try to honor your request.

I'll be purchasing a few pounds extra in case there are folks who come along later and decide they want to try it. Those folks will deal with me directly, as this is a ONE-TIME PRODUCTION. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something special - something that is for PSD members only. I'll have extra to sell or trade, so if you think you can't commit now you won't necessarily lose out overall. That is, of course, contingent on whether or not I'm able to live without this blend. So I would take no chances! Order in advance, is the best advice I can offer.

Once a decision has been reached on the final product, I'll advise. Ernie will then know his timetable on availability. This tobacco will NOT be tinned but I'm sure Ernie will add his distinctive labeling on the bags. Tinning adds a substantial amount to the cost.

If you've ever smoked one of Ernie's blends, you know how special they are. If you have not, I encourage you to order some. This is a world-class tobacco blender that has agreed to provide something unique to our group. It's an opportunity I don't intend to pass me by.

Please note that while this is a PSD tobacco, you will be ordering directly from Watch City. PSD assumes no liability of any kind.

Please respond if you're interested and how much you think you'd like to buy. Your feedback will determine the amount produced. And when it's gone, folks, it's gone! Go Big Or Go Home! :)