PSD2019POY Radice Ordering Information


Mostly Harmless
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Possible dumb question- were we supposed to get confirmation emails? How do we know they received our emails?
No I do not anticipate Radice contacting anyone until it is time to arrange payment.

How do we know they received our emails?

But seriously- following the example of President Ronald Reagan I will "trust but verify." Later this week I will contact the Radices with my tally and compare notes.


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Folks I encourage Everyone to order their pipes as soon as possible. We are about to round out 50 pipes ordered which is the half way point- but the sooner we hit 100 the sooner the Radices can schedule all the production(s).

Some people would like to order a second pipe but I have asked them to wait a week.
Just for clarity, they won’t start until all 100 are ordered?