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Needs to think of a clever custom title
Hi Guys,

This pipe was a collaborative effort between @Ol Brokedik and myself, so we are calling it an "OBD Calabash".

And just in case your monitor doesn't show this well, this pipe is GREEN, kindof a nice leaf-green, to be specific.

That little bit of blue tint that you're seeing is actually the reflection of a vivid blue sky on the day when I took the photos.

If anybody is interested, I should be able to make another pipe more-or-less like this one for somewhere in the $300-400 price range, depending on briar quality and so-on.

Cheers and thanks for looking.


Italian briar and hand-cut Italian acrylic stem (black)
Length: 6.430 inches (163.3 mm)
Tobacco Chamber: 0.864 inches (21.9 mm) diameter x 1.884 inches (47.8 mm) deep
Outside of Bowl: 2.240 inches (56.9 mm) diameter x 2.125 inches (54.0 mm) tall
Width of Bit: 0.663 inches (16.8 mm)
Weight: 2.7 ounces (76 grams)
Workmanship Grade: 4/5
Briar Grade: 3.5/5
Trappings: Comes with a nice wool pipe sock hand-sewn by Adriana
Holy cats, that thing is sweet.

Robert Perkins

Teenager at Heart
And if you remember, @desolbones and I had a conversation awhile back, where he had the idea to make one of my Orchid pipes, but with the stem rotated 45 degrees so it was oriented like a Bulldog stem.

One thing led to another, we developed our plans for a "Black Orchid" using the blackest block of Morta @desolbones could get his hands on, and I shipped the "Black Orchid" out to him a few weeks ago, along with the original Orchid in that thread.

"Pine" colored Italian acrylic and Morta
Length: 7.312 inches (185.7 mm)
Tobacco Chamber: 0.860 inches (21.8 mm) diameter x 1.405 inches (35.5 mm) deep
Outside of Bowl: 1.700 inches (43.18 mm) diameter x 1.870 inches (47.5 mm) tall
Weight: 1.7 ounces (49 grams)
Workmanship Grade: 4/5
Briar Grade: NA (Morta)
Trappings: Went out with a nice pipe sock hand-sewn by Adriana

If anybody's interested, I should be able to make a pipe similar to this one, using either Morta or standard-grade briar -- for around $270.00 shipped anywhere on earth. Or $295.00 if you want to make one with premium briar.

Cheers, and thanks for looking.