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Sold! Rad Davis smooth Zulu


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Next pipe for sale is a Rad Davis smooth cross cut Zulu carved in 2008 when Rad was really hitting his stride. Honestly this is the nicest smooth Rad Davis pipe I’ve ever seen, I just don’t seem to pick it up much so it’s time for it to go to someone who will enjoy it more. The pipe is 6” x 2” high with a 3/4” bore. Marked Rad Davis Hand Made USA 2008. It has been smoked lightly with non-aromatics with just the slightest bit of cake starting to form. Stem work is up there with the best: thin comfortable bite, deeply funneled at the button end, countersunk at the tenon, etc. Rad Davis at his best, absent a sandblaster. PM or post any questions. Price is $325. US Priority is included in the price, we can work something out for international. PayPal F&F only. Send it back in exactly the condition it was received and I’ll refund if the buyer isn’t satisfied.

779D7F35-6723-4A3C-8BF3-7FBF9AA4D9AE.jpeg F94E9618-2012-40E1-A688-68C949954FA4.jpeg 3E6BA6D3-B0CC-4B42-BDE2-650E5F461894.jpeg 69B27258-788D-423A-97B7-847B3614E00A.jpeg FDCE2F0B-6F34-4B72-9C7F-5C4B3233EA69.jpeg 0F7BAA5A-3CAE-4811-8363-58D97088A457.jpeg
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I just found this thread, and see this one lasted a short time, and can understand why. An absolutely beautiful pipe. Rad Davis pipes in general are great pipes inside, and out. I only own 3, and love them. The Zulu in this thread--A great example of Rads work. Depending on your aesthetic likes, Rad was one of the best. His blast work was/is second to none. All aspects of his pipes were done right inside, and out. Congrats to the new owner.