Sold! Radice Silk Cut Hawkbill (2018) - White Stem

Slow Tri

Is it Friday yet?
I bought this Hawkbill back in Feb and it hasn't clicked with me so I thought that I would send it on to its next home to get more attention. I have attached the SP pics and then one from today. I've only had a few bowls through this one. The sandblast is fantastic however!!
  • Length: 5.76 in./146.30 mm.
  • Weight: 1.60 oz./45.36 g.
  • Bowl Height: 1.77 in./44.96 mm.
  • Chamber Depth: 1.44 in./36.58 mm.
  • Chamber Diameter: 0.84 in./21.34 mm.
  • Outside Diameter: 1.83 in./46.48 mm.
$145 including shipping (CONUS only please) $135 including shipping (CONUS only please)

Radice Silk Cut Hawkbill (2018) 1.jpg
Radice Silk Cut Hawkbill (2018) 2.jpg
Radice Silk Cut Hawkbill (2018) 3.jpg
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I was wondering the same thing. I thought that this one would be a slam dunk.
I can only speak for myself but if I bought this it would be my first hawkbill, and for my first I'd prefer a more obviously curved shank. This pipe feels almost more like a prince to me, but it's a bit beefier than I'd want in a prince. I'm not trying to knock it, it's gorgeous, it's just floating somewhere in between shapes I'd shell out money for right this moment. I'm sure it will make someone very happy, and I imagine as soon as I see that "Sold" notice I'll regret not buying it myself.