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For Sale Radice Underwood (reduced)


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This Radice Underwood billiard (so chunky I'd call it a pot, but it's too tall) has been very lightly smoked. Maybe 3 times. I can only remember 1, but my memory sucks. I do remember it smoking well, but I just don't like the Underwood styling as much as I thought I would and I'm drawn to more traditional pipes lately. This is a typical Radice in that it is drilled perfectly with a nice open draw. Reduced price now $125 including shipping in the USA gets this one.

The measurements are:
5.5" long
2" tall
1-11/16" Outer bowl
7/8" Inner bowl
Weight: 2.5 oz

Radice 4.jpg
Radice 3.jpg Radice 2.jpg radice 1.jpg
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