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Rating the Top Selling Factory-Made Pipes (YOUR OPINIONS)


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Recently, while thinking about buying a Peterson, I was thinking about what PSD member's opinions are about the big names in factory-made pipes. What are your experiences with these popular pipe brands? What do you like? What do you hate? If I missed any, go ahead and add your opinion on those, but I think this list covers the lot of 'em.
  • Savinelli
  • Peterson
  • Stanwell
  • Dr. Grabow
  • Nording
  • Chacom
  • Rattray's
  • Rossi
  • Butz-Choquin
  • BigBen
Since I came to the new site, I haven't taken part in starting or adding to any new threads other than "What Are You Smoking?", so I thought I'd contribute something new—and as original as I could think of—to our "new" forum. I figure this will be pretty easy for the seasoned pipers among us.

Ray Mackessy

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Savinelli pipes are my favorite briar pipes. Their engineering is spot on. I haven't had much luck with Peterson pipes and no longer purchase them. They smoke okay but I haven't had one that passes the pipe cleaner test. My Dracula pipe is drilled high on the shank which I don't like. It's more like a system pipe.


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In my price range...definitely Savinelli. And even then I still only own two of them. Both are estates and both are great pipes.

I also like Rossi, Sasieni, Big Ben, and Stanwell, but I only have one of each, so the sample size, statistically speaking is...uh, not really a sample size at all.

Funny thing is that the only Peterson I ever owned (which I sold some time ago) is also the only pipe I ever owned that was something of a dog...a gurgle machine with an uneven smoke.


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Estate pre 2011 Stanwells (still made in Denmark) always hit the mark for me.
I like Savinellis
I'm not a Petersen fan. Beautiful pipes with restricted draws.
If you don't mind small pipes, Grabows/Kaywoodies/etc are nice bang for the buck.
I hate, hate, hate Nordings. Their engineering doesn't agree with my smoking somehow.

Also, it looks like your budget is $100ish. A brand that has some pipes in that price range that I really like is Luciano.


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You can't go wrong with sav, I own 8 or 9 and no issues whatsoever. I own a stanwell that's just fine but was estate, not a newer model. Rossi is great for the money, solid smoker. Nording takes some getting used to, the one I have has a conical bowl but it's ok. Peterson had their chance(s) with me and I won't buy another, ever. The other's I haven't tried.

Extra credit: Check out Dgerwin and notow's pipes in that price range they are superior to those brands in my opinion.


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We talking new or estate?
I had new pipes in mind, but for the sake of the thread, let's just say ALL pipes of all ages, conditions, races, creeds, etc. ;)
Seriously though, whether it be new or estate, let your opinions be known. That's what I made this thread for. I'm not a well-traveled piper (*yet), so I like to hear the opinions of others—especially those of you who've been collecting and puffing for many years.


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In order of preference:

I have 3 Savinelli pipes and I love'em. I bought two 315ks sav's because I like them so much. Then I have a poker. I think all three come with 6 mm filters, but I don't use them.

I have 3 Peterson military mount pipes that I just love. Two others aren't so good because they gurgle and I can't remove the stem while smoking.

Dr. Grabow is also good for the price point.

Wish I had some Kaywoodies.....