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Rating the Top Selling Factory-Made Pipes (YOUR OPINIONS)

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
Vauen makes pipes that Smoke well. I don’t agree with their pricing vs quality on higher end pipes compared to artisans.

That said a vauen basic wont look that great, but they are reliable tools. Nö more Nö Less.

For 70 Bucks I would still prefer Any of the estates offered Here in that price range. But if you need to get a briar today at your local b&m the vauen basics wont be a Big disappointment.


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In order of preference:

I have 3 Savinelli pipes and I love'em. I bought two 315ks sav's because I like them so much. Then I have a poker. I think all three come with 6 mm filters, but I don't use them.

I have 3 Peterson military mount pipes that I just love. Two others aren't so good because they gurgle and I can't remove the stem while smoking.

Dr. Grabow is also good for the price point.

Wish I had some Kaywoodies.....
From what experience I've had, Kaywoodies are WAY, way over rated.