Recent Dunhill Production


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I have owned about 25 Dunhills. Some of you remember I sold about 10 here. I have never bought a new Dunhill except my first three, which I still own , and bought from Erhlichs around 1978-79 each for about $100 give it take. All others were estate pipes, most restored with great bowls from good eBay sellers. So, the purchase range was $230 to $165. Most around $175 bid wins. One 1924 Patent Shell I got for $175. Others were from 1970’s and 1980’s with a few with the Dunhill in the oval circle. I would never pay , ever, $600 to $700 for a new Dunhill today! I am looking at a nice Root Bulldog in the $160 range right now. In fact , I would never pay over $300 for one. Up to $250 makes me cringe! I might jump at a nice one with sterling rings for no more that $230.