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Recommend a wild card for me


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In the next two weeks (i think) I will be making another snuff order. I've been working on tailoring my order for some time now and I've decided I want a forum "wild card" in my cart. So make a recommendation for me. I'm open to try whatever...

This is what I have so far:

6 photo snuffs:
Begum green
Super kaliash (repeat for me)

Whiskey and honey

And lastly Bernard zwiefacher (this one honestly is because I want the tapbox. So I'm especially open to a Bernard suggestion)

It's not a crazy big order I know, but it's what interest me at the moment. Anyways I have room for one or two more tins so I want some opinions!


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St Elmo's reserve.
Nice funky moist snuff.
I already have that one from my last order. I agree it's a very nice snuff. Not much of an all-day blend for me more like a desert.

@Ozark Wizard thank you for the Bernard suggestion. From the reviews it looks like a really good choice for my intro to that type snuff. I will likely switch it out with the one already in my cart.


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1 x 6 Photo Anarkali 8g (6PH003) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo Begum Green 6g (6PH071) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo Special 8g (6PH014) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo Super Kailash 45g (6PH020) = $3.36
1 x Bernard Zwiefacher 10g (BER460) = $2.99
1 x Bernard Brasil Feinst 10g (BER310) = $3.21
1 x 6 Photo Cheeta 6g (6PH042) = $0.79
1 x 6 Photo Coffee Kick 8g (6PH082) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo M.G Madras 8g (6PH092) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo Motia 8g (6PH035) = $0.99
1 x 6 Photo Gold Rush 8g (6PH086) = $0.99
1 x Tiger Guarana 10g (BER394) = $2.99
1 x Wilsons Tom Buck Extra Strong SP 5g (WILS329) = $1.44