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Recommendations for expanding my tastes


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So with the Mr Snuff free shipping, I placed an order for some snuff I have had a a couple I haven’t.
I am thinking about trying some Viking snuffs. I have Thor’s Hammer on the way. Any others that are notable? They all seem to get good reviews. Never tried them before
I have tried a bunch of Toque and Wilson’s.
Some Bernard’s on the way, but I tend to prefer British snuffs.
I have had a few McChrystals, but other than O&G they leave me underwhelmed.
I have quite a bit of 6 Photo snuff.

What am I missing out on?


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How did your search for American scotch snuffs turn out? Did you try Square yet? Have you been through the 'top five snuffs' thread?

I just placed an order at MrSnuff, mostly Indian snuffs because I see them mentioned so much. I wanted some White Elephant, but it was out of stock. Of course it came back in stock the day after I placed my order.



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I have not been able to find a source for reasonably priced Scotches. Those will wait for a trip south.
I have been through the top 5 thread.
I have some Bernard’s planned. Debating SWS snuffs based on price, but I am considering several of them.
Also considering Viking blonde, dark, ISS as well as SG St Elmo’s, Firedance and Golden Glow.

Looking for feedback on those and other recommendations.


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Elmos is very very good. I don't know why I don't reach for it more to be honest.

Thors hammer is top notch and I've also tried the Viking spear and it's really good too.