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I'd like to piggy back on this thread and ask for a few suggestions. I, too, am a primarily aromatic piper. I keep it simple with mild blends and cob most of the time. However, I'd like to expand my horizons with some good crossover blends. I tried jumping directly to an English or Balkan and I was not so successful (I think it was H&H Blackhouse).
Anyway, if you have a recommendation on blends that could help me ease into the world beyond aromatics, please let me know! Right now I am eying Wessix campaign dark flake, Smokers Haven Exotique, and Plum Pudding (all the while enjoing Boswell's Piper's Pleasure and PA Dutch Treat :0) ).

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I would try SG Skiff Mixture or Squadron Leader (may pat answer for the most part) and if you find a tin Cabbie’s Mixture grab that one (even though it is a Virginia/Perique)
Wilke Lizzie Blood Red English and Lizzie Blood Red Virgina.
Watch City's "Deluxe Crumb Cut” for a try at a burley and Ahab’s Comfort come to mind also Persian Slipper for a nice introduction to orientals.
Another option is that places like Boswell, Wilke, CountrySquire, Watch City, Peretti have a sample packs that includes several of the blends you are interested without having to spend money on a tin you may not like.
Might give you a better spread of the differences between each in a specific blend type.

Just my 2 cents..that came from a lot of trial and error and a lot of samples of different blends I received, I am a relatively new smoker.


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I think one of the things basic to crossing over successfully is eliminating “expectations” from non-aromatic blends. Blending with less casing or topping creates flavors that are much more subtle than what’s used in aromatic blends.
Someone suggested smoking individual condimental tobaccos to get a real feel for what each one does to a blend. I think that’s a very solid idea. You have to understand what they do to a blend to really appreciate their use. You can’t “spray on” Latakia, Perique, Izmir, Virginia, Burley, Dark Fired Kentucky or Cavendish. They’re all different and bring different flavors to a blend.
Virginia’s tend to be sweet and grassy or citrusy. Burleys tend to be more nutty and savory, while Latakia are smoky and cool..... and so on. Perique can be peppery or impart stone fruit flavors, depending on the type. But these flavors aren’t as intense as the vanilla, orange or cherry casing sprayed on some aromatics. You have to spend time with the types to understand their subtleties.

Cadence is also important - more so with some types than others. Chuff too hard and you can easily get tongue bite and numb your buds to the real taste in the tobacco.
Try to smoke slowly enough to just keep the bowl lit, then retrohale what’s in your mouth through your nose. I’ll bet you find a world of flavors you were missing before you slowed it all down.
There’s no rush in this journey. Enjoy experimenting as you go. You’ll be surprised at what you find. :thumb-yello:

And the blends you’re eyeing are HTF. Follow some of the recommendations and you’ll have more options - and some change left in your pocket.


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@Piper Fonzerelli I'll concur with @Some_Mook and his recommendation of The Country Squire's Baker Street. The only caveat I'd offer is that--at least for me--it contains a near head-spinning level of vitamin N. The one with which I've totally fallen in love that would fit your bill is The Country Squire's Cornishman. It's billed as a non-aromatic full English but the bag note is intoxicating like an aromatic and I'd describe the flavor as English-meets-Aromatic. Just received another half pound of Cornishman yesterday.

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