Recommended store (web) in london


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Hi all.
I wanted to ask for your help, especially those who live in England or buy tobaccos there.
What store (web) do you recommend to buy tobacco in London with home delivery?
A friend's brother is there and he can bring me some tobaccos at the end of the month, so I have to buy as soon as possible!:banane09:



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If Mitchell at Cgars doesn't have what you are looking for, contact JJ Fox in St James Square. One of the best pipe baccy selections.


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Finally buy at GQ: šŸ˜
-Pug Pug cut Coniston (50gr)
- Pug of boatswain cut (50gr).

I ā€œneedā€ to try CONDOR even though I've seen that they are not the same as before (which I won't test anyway) and buying them outside the UK is pricey.

And I took advantage of buying two lakelands that I want to try looooong ago (I must blame Pedaling piper and this forum since there are many followers!):

I think I would like them since I like normal aromatics but I usually find them mild and in neutral tobaccos (Virginias) I often miss a little more flavor.

The closest thing I've ever smoked is st bruno (which I really like).

PS: I would have ordered a lot more but had limited space!