Sante Guiliani, aka Fish'nBanjo, RIP.


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This is a copy of an email I got from Sante's sister.

In Memorium Sante Giuliani aka Fishnbanjo

I am Sante's sister. I came across this
posting by Jimlnks and saw all the beautiful tributes to my brother. I knew his passion for pipes and rods. I just wanted to get a message out to someone in the forum that could share my thanks to all. I don't know if it's possible, but know it would be greatly appreciated.
My thanks to you and those who posted about him.
Donna Giuliani (correct spelling of our last name)
That just made my day. Many thanks for posting it.


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I only heard of his passing today.

I don't think I ever interacted with Sante much on the boards, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his vast collection of different pipes. He was faithful to frequently post pictures of him enjoying life, and it always enriched my day to see his posts.

I love this photo, what a serene place to enjoy cooking dinner, and hopefully he enjoyed many pipes here as well: