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Yep, same stamp as my two, sadly the craftsmanship was not up to par then as it was in 83 and on.
here are my two, a lot a like but, not and the silver dots are horrible, barely round and the stem work is....well....not that good to say the least.
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I've seen a lot of 1980 pipes pass through eBay (I have an alert). Quality seems to be pretty much all over the map. I've seen a few that were gorgeous, and one I regret not reaching for even though it was out of my range. And some real dogs as well. The one I have is so-so. I got it cheap and it's a fun pipe, but not particularly refined. I'll get it cleaned up along with the new one when it comes and get some pictures.


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Yes sir, I'd like to see that one. The only reason I have those two is just to have some early ones, I've yet to find any earlier, at least to my knowledge.
In fact these are the ONLY ones I have with what looks to be a date stamp, all others and I have ten all together counting a Montini Dublin with silver stem band do not.
Yeah, not many but, it's hard to find MDP Bulldogs or at least ones I don't have already.

I bet I sold you a MDP a few years ago then, I had a bent Billiard that was a filtered pipe that I let go just because it wasn't a Bulldog at the time.
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My favorite billiard shape - Peterson 606's made on three different islands in three different decades (top to bottom): London & Dublin (England pre-1962), Meerschaum (Isle of Man 1970s), Ireland-1991. A pre-1963 is in the mail, so could be a fourth decade and a fourth factory.

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That red stemmed one is sweet!


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Cool thread.
Here's 2 Squirrel logo, reed stem, unsmoked National Cob Co Pipe Works circa teens/early twenties.
Followed by 2 #656 Dunhills, 1961 & 1958.

If those were a ‘61 and a ‘56, they’d be my mom and dad’s birth years, respectively.

I just made a bunch of y’all feel old as fiddle sticks, didn’t I?


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Here are the ebay photos for a set of 1940's 'London & Dublin' Peterson 'Special' pipes. They came in all sorts of shapes, but from what I can tell it was always a two-pipe boxed set. Unfortunately, no box. Different from the normal 'London & Dublin' pipes in that these have 'Special' in an oval stamp. They have not arrived yet, but looking forward to repairing heavy rim damage, a bowl crack, etc. For $50 I can't complain.

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 12.14.11 PM.png

Here's the box I'll be looking for, but for now guess I'd rather have two pipes than a pipe and a box:

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 12.19.36 PM.png


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I have 2 seven day sets. My first was from Rad Davis, all the pipes were black and conventional shapes. I had a picture at photobucket but their site is down.
My next 7 day set is from Jack Howell which we did in the last few weeks. I suck at taking pictures but one day I will have one of my kids take pictures of both for me. Here are a couple of the Howells. Jack takes pics as bad as I do.



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No, these were from the Ed Lehman (RIP) collection. He had dozens of them so they are spread far and wide but I know of some some in the Bay Area. :geek:
Ah thanks for the info.
There is a guy in Carmel (J. Williams) with 130+ gold spigot Dunhills. His office is very close to Carmel Pipe Shop and I used to talk with him a lot. He doesn't even smoke a pipe though, they are non-figuratively in a bank vault. His dad started the collection and he has continued to add to it for the past several decades (he's probably 75ish).
I thought maybe you had pried a few loose, which would have caused Doug at Carmel Pipe Shop to swallow his tongue (he's been trying to break a few off for years).