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She said that!!

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
Oh, man... Wish I had these terms. I'd have more pipes and tobacco than anyone here!
only if she pays... 'cause being allowed to do something and beeing able to afford it sometimes isn't the same.

in this case, I'd be in for a truckload of tobacco and pipes. Another problem with this would be the availability of the pipes:
@Robert Perkins @Maddis @Sasquatch @beaupipe @caskwith (to name just the top 5 on my list) can only make so many
pipes a year... If I was able to afford 1/2 a pipe for every hairtie found on the floor, I'd have to employ any artisan pipe maker I like
full time.


New place same face
Hide all objects she is capable of lifting, and throwing--first. Then when things go a little sideways again say to her--Hun--lets talk about your weight problem, and things will surely get quite exciting at your house.:hahaha-024:
Some people live dangerously and make decisions that would make many uneasy, and then there are those who don't seem to want to wake up tomorrow...