It's, like, Phyllis Diller funny.
This is mine. I can't make another pipe in here until it gets cleaned out. TONIGHT. Other craftsman are able to keep a well organized, structured, clean working environment. I, apparently, subscribe to the "Organized Chaos Method". I get working, and by the time I'm through a bunch of work, this is the result. I'll take "after" pictures, when it's back to "normal".


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Ok I'll play - has to be multiple pics though
Here is my lathe (need my electrician friend to come over) 20201116_174541.jpg bandsaw with dust collector in the background 20201116_174327.jpg
Sanding, rough shaping, dremel work, staining... yes I sit in the razorback chair to stain (love that chair) the piece of pvc on the bottom of the dust chute is filled with concrete so it is stable yet moveable 20201116_174423.jpg buffing and other fun stuff happens here, the bench grinder has a buffing wheel on the left side 20201116_174458.jpg
Filing, detail and stem work happen here 20201116_175453.jpg shop vac not shown:hahaha-024: