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I have posted in how you organize your pipes. This is my satellite smoking area for winter. Started this in a corner of the garage for my teens to hang in. There’s also a big sectional not pictured, window a/c and space heater. Edit: I usually smoke outside unless it’s raining, snowing or really cold.
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The Amish Tryant

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Most of my pipe stuff is in my office/pipe lounge. Here's a view from the business end of things with--of course--our very favorite website queued up:

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To the left of my desk is one of three bookcases in the room and I have some of my tobacco jars stored on it:

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The room is in the basement and there's a crawl space more or less behind where I sit. It was my wife who made the suggestion that I build a shelving unit to slide into it to store more of the tobacco. As well, at an antique market I found a perfect oak bookcase that I placed just below:

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Above my favorite chair, a leather recliner, I wall-mounted a couple of soda can crates from Michaels. I stained these, glued them together, and built a gold frame for the face. These store more of the pint jars of tobacco. Hanging in front of it is a hand of Pennsylvania broadleaf:

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A friend was having a garage sale and my wife and I bought a small maple table (ca. 1835) on which I store more jars. In the drawer in this one I keep butane, flints, matches, reamer and other miscellaneous pipe-related supplies. The gadget on the floor to the left is the Hathaspace HEPA air filter--perhaps the thing that makes all of this possible. My wife has asthma and with this good air filtration she lets me smoke to my heart's content in the room:

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Directly above the office is my music room for which I built a secret door bookcase (in the closet) and I've loaded its shelves with various pipe blends. And it's in the music room where I've mounted my custom made pipe cabinet to the wall, directly above another small cabinet on the top of which I keep several more pint jars of various blends.
My man, that's one of the best office/den set ups I've seen. Truly impressed (and I don't give such compliments freely).


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My man, that's one of the best office/den set ups I've seen. Truly impressed (and I don't give such compliments freely).
Many thanks! It's hard for me to avoid fiddling around with things so I'm currently in the process of building a fireplace surround/mantle for the wall-mounted electric fireplace [the left hand side of which is seen in photo 3/5 in the series I originally posted]. I'm painting the case a dark red to match the red of the wallpaper and the shelf that will sit on top of it all will be of red oak with a dark walnut stain to match the slide-in shelving unit that I built for the opening of the crawl space. What's going to sit on that new shelf? You guessed it!
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