Show Us How You Organize Your Pipes


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I like looking for creative ways to organize my pipes, and one small part of my collection is shown in the photo below where I rigged up a pegboard tool holder to repurpose it as a pipe holder:

^ Genius.



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Here is another. This is a chrome form that I'm like 99% sure was a tail light guard for a 50's-era car. I added wood fore and aft to make it a cool little pipe rack.

I found this in an antique store like 20 years ago and bought it knowing that someday I would find a use for it...and I finally did:



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Looks a little different now -- most of the briars on the bottom row are gone (gave them away), replaced with more cobs. One of these days I'm going to put away most of the cobs I don't smoke and get it down to just one or two wall racks.

Not shown are a few more cobs (including some unsmoked) in various boxes.
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