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Show Us Your Blatter and Blatter Pipes


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When I visited Blatter and Blatter this summer they had a lot of big pipes and very few smaller pipes( which are what I like). I will have to keep an eye on their website for smaller pipes.
My three Blatter have a wide open draw and smoke effortlessly.
The online presence offers a limited selection of specifically designated small factory pipes at a very reasonable price (Canadian dollars) here. It's true that the bulk of Blatter Select pipes are on the larger size and their large pipes are huge. I have a ball from Patrick Blatter you could wield as a war club after emptying half a tin at a sitting. Weird thing is, as my collection grows, and I'm still aesthetically attracted to larger hunks of briar, I'm more into smoking the smaller pipes. These four from my Blatter factory collection make up probably close to 60% of my rotation.


Chris B

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My favourite pipe makers are the firm of Blatter and Blatter of Montreal, Canada. I must have a couple of dozen of their pipes by now. All vintage and split between regular and freehands from Robert Blatter.
I didn't see a thread devoted to them and I know there's a few Blatter owners out there so I thought I'd start one with a picture of my Blatter Canadian.

Show us your Blatter Brothers, Blatter and Blatter regular and Select pipes.

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Nice books.


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Holy crap! I thought things were bad in the US, but that's just redonkulous!
I have not read the Quebec legislation but I think the ban on advertising prices applies to tobacco but not pipes.
On Blatter's website you'll find pipes priced but they say when it comes to tobacco they are not permitted to advertise pricing or even blend ingredients.

See here.