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Sold! Signature Pipe Pouch Tooled Leather Brown


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In addition to the Tooled Standard, I thought I'd make a Signature as well. This Signature version was inspired by a trip I took last summer, to my father's hometown
of Las Vegas, New Mexico. While there, I happened to come upon a small, local owned, fabric shop, with, surprisingly, quite a good selection of high
quality fabrics, including some with very nice Southwestern prints, which I've used as linings for this edition, and as an homage to my dad, a jack of all trades, himself, who taught me everything I know about what it means to be a craftsman.

First up is a Brown Tooled Leather Signature with a blue, bandana print lining. This Signature has two main pockets, and is big enough where you can put a pipe apiece--or two pipes in one pocket (separated by your tobacco mat or a pipe sock) and a pouch of tobacco in the other main pocket. Also has separate pockets for your tamper, pipe cleaners, and a lighter.

Also comes with a red-neckerchief style lining, with a bucking broncos pattern.

Comes in a gift set as well, including the 6"x8" Tobacco mat (a Sorringowl original, I'm proud to say), and a matching Workhorse Tobacco Pouch.

A closeup of the red lining...

On the website, these are $250. for the Signature pouch, or, $325. for the Gift Set.
For PSD Members, it's $225. for the Signature pouch, or $292.50 for the Gift Set. Free shipping in the U.S.
If you'd like, I can also make a matching pipe/cigar rest ($15.) or a matching pipe rest/keychain ($25.)

To buy directly from the website (click here) just use code: PSDMEMBER at checkout.

PM me if you're interested or if you have questions.

Thanks for looking, and, as always, PSD, thanks for your support. I'm forever grateful.
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