Silver Bands?

Your opinion on "silver" or silver-colored bands?

  • Nothing but! Pipes look so much more classy with them.

  • Nah, I'll pass thanks, they're kinda gaudy/prefer a lower profile pipe.

  • Eh, I can take them or leave them. Doesn't make or break a pipe purchase.

  • Depends entirely on the specific shape and finish of the pipe in question.

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Old Pipe Dude
I like silver on a pipe. It can be eye catching if done right. But if there is a lot of it, the pipe is heavy. That I don't like. So a small band is fine. Some of the old English silver pipes with solid silver rim caps and bands look great. But they are lunkers to smoke. You pretty much have to hold them in hand for the duration. But most of the new pipes I've bought don't sport any jewelry. I'm okay with that. I'm in the "take it or leave it" camp.

Sir Saartan

The Tan Saarlander
yes it does with a pipe like this.

I'm not a fancy guy who wants shiny things to show off (no offense meant to those who like their
polished silver bands). Again I don't have the words to describe what I really mean, but I'll try:

I like understatement, simple things and "plain" elegance. it wouldn't fit my personality to have
a pipe that looks like a thousand bucks. Well made and taken care of: yes. Shiny and sparkling:
only if it's a unicorn. And that would be my daughter's not mine.