Smoking in the house?


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I can pretty much tell if someone has smoked in a house or hotel room. And it stinks and I don't like it. Would not buy a house that was smoked in without serious renovation. Paint and such just cover the smell for a while, not eliminate it, in my opinion.

But that's just me.

I do not and will not smoke in my home except in the basement and even then just rarely. It is my family home, built by my grandfather in 1929. I'm not going to sell it. I just don't want it to smell like stale smoke. I don't want my guests to have to smell stale smoke.

But I also have a log cabin down in the country. From the day we built it we planned on it being dog friendly and muddy boot friendly. It is also pipe smoke friendly. Its just that kind of place. Even there I don't smoke much indoors.

I have a friend who is very well off. He has a dedicated smoking room in a very nice older (1900s) home. His smoking room has leather chairs, gun cabinets, cypress paneling, bar and a full ventilation system designed for tobacco smoke. It is quiet and clears smoke very quickly. It still smells like a smoking room but there are two things that I notice. First, it doesn't smell like a stale ashtray. You mostly just get a pleasant tobacco smell. Second, you don't notice it at all in the rest of the house. So that is probably a working solution............for folks with a lot of dough.


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I do not smoke in my house. I just don't. I really don't have a reason, other than I do not like the smell of a room where one smokes. My wife does not care for the smell either. I have a garage and a climate controlled shop where I do my smoking. I am happy with that, and I prefer to smoke in those two places anyway.

I also have rental properties.........several of them. I do not allow my tenants to smoke in them because I do not want to clean the smoke smell up afterwards, or perhaps have them catch fire to the house. I do not allow pets either, indoor or outdoor.

When I began these rules (about 6 years ago) my clean up efforts between tenants were much easier. No smoke smell (or stains) to deal with, no pet hair and piss stains on the carpets, and no holes to fill in in the yard. All of that means more money in my pocket.


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Without heavy duty ventilation and exhaust leading directly outside, in an enclosed and sealed-off room, with the right paint, your room is going to end up smelling like smoke over time. You might not smell it, because as a smoker you've become "nose blind" to it. But others will. I don't smoke in the house, but I dream of building an outside Man Shed with the proper setup someday.

Whatever you do, make sure the ventilation in your smoking room is NOT connected to the ventilation throughout the rest of your home.

Also, use hardwood flooring and leather furniture. Carpeting and fabric will retain smoke smells indefinitely. Can't Febreeze that stuff out. Drywall, unprotected by the proper paint, will also soak up smoke and tar like meerschaum.


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Thankfully my wife is understanding.
When it's too cold, bad weather, too windy (which is more often than not in the UK) I smoke in the conservatory with the door open.
When it's decent I smoke on the bench in the garden or in the catio.... (basically an aviary we had built for our brood of cats).

Given I don't smoke more than 3 or 4 bowls a day it generally isn't a problem, the only tobacco that she has really turned her nose up at is anything cherry and rich dark honeydew.

Given I now don't smoke anything cherry and rich dark honeydew is an occasional thing I'm pretty set.


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Who all here is familiar with the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) system of filter ratings?

I don't smoke inside (well except for that one time I enjoyed a cob while taking a bath in Epsom salt) but think it would be an interesting experiment for those of you who smoke indoors, to replace your HVAC filters with a MERV 13 or better and see how it handles the smoke.


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I smoke outside whenever I can. Cigars always outside. I've tried a lot of places like our unheated garage, a backyard shed but in the cold it is just not comfortable. I finally tried my basement office, away from my bride and purchased a Rabbit Air smoke evacuator which resides directly in front of me. Maybe it's her loss of smell from Covid but I have not yet heard a word of complaint yet. I have to do a lot of paperwork, which I hate, and smoking a pipe relaxes me and helps get the work done. Finding my way to this forum surely doesn't help though!


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I either smoke in my shop or out on the patio if the weather is nice. I personally don't want the house to smell like smoke and don't want to subject my wife and kids to it. However, if it was just me and I was so inclined, I would. I certainly wouldn't worry about the next owner. New paint and carpeting will take care of any lingering odors.


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Devils advocate...depending on the blend pipe tobacco in no way leaves the same smell as cigars and cigarettes, at least no to my fairly sizable schnoz...
But I can smoke a bowl of Plum Pudding on the porch and come back in and the roof reeks of it...other blends as well (looking at you Haunted Bookshop).


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I don’t smoke in the house. In my southern Houston climate it’s peasant year round except for being a bit warm in the summer. So I enjoy smoking outside.

I would leave you with this. It goes to not just smoking. But love and caring for one’s spouse which is something to aspire to.



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Many years ago, I rented a house immediately after the prior owner went to the old folks home. He had spent fifty years smoking Camels in an easy chair in the living room. As a result the entire living and dining area was caked up pretty good. There were non-figuratively light spots on the wallpaper where photos had been hanging on the wall.

Initially, it reeked of smoke. Just disgusting. Unbearable.

Paying a professional to clean the ducts, washing the interior windows with windex, then giving the carpets a once-over with a rented cleaner was about a 99% fix, even without washing the walls and ceiling. I was so surprised and pleased with the results that I never got around to doing any more clean-up.

(Hey, it was a rental after all.)

After that experience I suspect that people just really enjoy overstating the effects of smoke on a home.


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I smoke outside or in the shop, why? Because I HATE the smell of it, smells light a dirty ashtray that's mildewed for 50 years.
Yes, I have a sensitive nose, always have and the house I live in now was owned by smokers and no one has to tell me.
It's not in the paint or carpet but, in the central air unit and ducting. They only thing to get rid of it is to tear apart the unit and clean it and replace the duct work.
OR the simpler way, get an Ozone unit the right size for your largest room and do the ozone thing. Wish I could afford one, hopefully someday so I can rid myself of the stench
instead of having wax warmers in every room. Oh! and if I had a ozone unit I still would smoke in the house, I have a shop I spend most my time in and no one cares what it
smells like because the minute I turn some Ebonite it smells like an Elephant farted in it anyway.