Smoking Pipes EU sales to US Customers?


Pass the JalapeƱos
I've been wondering for a while whether, or not, sells to US customers. They don't show their products in US Dollars, which makes it appear that they only service Europe. But, will they ship here? Or, even better, do they have some way of making their EU inventory available through their US site? Thanks to any one who has experience with this.
They are but be aware with the pandemic that shipping times from Ireland are looooooong

I waited six months for a pipe to show up this year
Ouch. Back in early May, I ordered a pipe from Denmark and it took just under 5 weeks to arrive. From watching the tracking, part of the time is what I suspect may have been Customs quarantining packages before processing.
I ordered from them. Took about two weeks, most of which was the pipe wandering around New York if tracking is to be believed. Paypal will automatically convert to Euros with a slight fee. Was pretty easy overall.
Not sure of the effective date, but the latest PayPal announcement of user agreement changes stated that the currency conversion fee would be 4%. Tip, if you are in a position to quibble over price, as you can with some Italian shops for sure, ask them to send you a. PayPal funds request in dollars. That way they eat the conversion fee.

Also, since they are in the EU, you should get a credit for the VAT on merchandise shipped to the US or other non EU countries. Roughly 20% in most EU countries, not sure about Ireland.