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Big blue banner says:

UPS and the Post Office aren't picking up orders at our warehouse because of the threat of Hurricane Florence. Please keep this in mind as you place your order. We'll continue to pick and pack orders as long as we can, and as soon as the storm has passed and UPS and the Post Office are back in service your order will ship.
I got the notification that due to that inconvenience, 10% off !!


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I'm trying to teach my 5yo the difference between need and want e.g. You want that Lego kit you don't need it. I see the 10% off pipes and my want became a need. Picked up another Sav. Dry System. How can I teach my son when I have trouble with it myself? 😕
My Father in Law used to tell the story about my wife when she was little. When asked she would tell him, “I want to need it.” He raised her pretty good.