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I got rings.

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Pretty standard bent billiard (a little brandy-ish, a little chinny). I was desperately hoping for a smooth here, the grain was really good, but it just wouldn't play along. And blasting looked promising.... was I ever wrong. Actually the grain was perfect for blasting, but this old hard dinosaur didn't want to play. This isn't growth rings, this is growth plates, or scales or something. An hour later I had a little detail, but this is one tough old sunofagun of a piece of wood. No idea what that means for smoking, but it's drilled good, passes a cleaner easy peasy, and might be a nice enough looking pipe to make up for your ugly face (this is what I keep hoping for myself, and I keep buying pipes in case one makes me handsome.) Chamber is some 3/4" by about 1 1/2" deep, and the pipe is sitting at 50g total. I think it's 5 3/4" long but I'll have to measure. Dead average bent pipe size.

I'd like 300 all in for that one.
This one is just all kinds of beautiful.
I'm not surprised it didn't last.