Someone bring me up to speed on Ken Byron Ventures


the pineapple on your pizza
What's funny to me is that I used to run a pizza restaurant in the early 1980s, and our pizza boxes had that face on them. You can imagine my reaction many years later when Gil told me he had drawn it. We both had a good laugh about it, and Gil was happy that his drawing had such a long run. He drew it in the early 1950s.

Here's an abbreviated version of my interview with Gil. This issue of Alter Ego #12 (of which I am an associate editor and writer) can be purchased here as well. He had a great career.
I'm pretty sure that's still on like 99% of the pizza boxes around here, is that not common?

awesome legacy, people are gonna see that one for awhile


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Did anyone who got on during the SG drop notice the 250g boxes priced for $15 a box? The prices were soon fixed to $45. I sure hope people didn’t take advantage of that small error.
I mean, I ordered a $15 box of navy flake to go with my Vizmir because why not, but I fully expect it to be cancelled. It seemed to be mostly blends with latakia that had the pricing error and I assumed maybe KB was just throwing shade at latakia.


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Oh wow I went back to look and my squadron leader box was $15 and my golden glow was $45. I’ll email him and tell him to charge me the rest that’s not right unless he wanted it to be like that.
Good on ya, sir. It was obviously a mistake as the prices were fixed very shortly after. We shouldn’t try and get one over on o’l Kenny, he takes care of us so we should return the favor. I’m no morality police though, and i can understand if someone saw $15 they expect to get their product for $15.


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Even though I sent an email it went unanswered and I have just received one $15 250g box. I feel kinda dirty about it.
Damn, now I feel like a jerk too. Ordered a $15 box thinking it was either the deal of the century or a mistake and the order would get cancelled, which I would have entirely understood. Nope, it just showed up in the mail today. I don't think the responsibility is on the customer to reach out about pricing errors, but I wasn't trying to pull a fast one, either. Guess I'll just have to keep throwing money his way to even things out.