Someone bring me up to speed on Ken Byron Ventures


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I appreciate(d) certain brands because I'm the lightest of lightweights, I just can't tolerate big nic. To me Navy Flake is about the limit, and that's all-day stuff for most of you. I can't smoke Aged Burley Flake, 1792, most of the CnD catalog. I liked a lot of McClelland because they weren't real strong but tasted good. Mac Baren's the same mostly. I like Rattray's too, generally they don't lay me out, but damn near everything else does. I get samples in the mail and light 'em up and blleeeurgh after just a few puffs sometimes I'm wrecked. It's pretty sad.
Jonny could set you up with some Dark Plug, pretty breezy stuff :roflmao:... sorry, sorry, got a martini in me...