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SP has the 4th gen Tobacco of the Year


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Yes, it's 35 bucks for 2 ounces. Comes in a neat little humidor, spanish cedar and a humi-pack.

This stuff is good. Mild, subtle, delicious. Style-wise, it's like a really complex navy flake - tobaccos it reminds me of include Kingfisher, Mac Baren Mixture, and Scottish Flake from McConnell. It's mellow, sweet, woody (cedar plays in), there are elements of stronger tobaccos (kentucky or something, orientals...).

There's not enough of this kind of tobacco on the market imho - a beautiful blend of tobacco and mercifully NOT topped up with vanilla and rum and mango and a touch of je ne c'est quoi.

Is it worth 35 bucks? Probably not. But it's a nice treat.

Green Drake

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I smoked some of this on the weekend and I too can vouch for it. I though it was fantastic! The cedar chest had affected the flavour, the was a hint of cedar in the smoke. A really nice va with a bit more going on in the background. Priced the same as Captain Black up here 😀 and really, at $2/bowl it’s cheaper than most cigars