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Stoving Tobacco

Mr Beardsley

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Are y’all stoving and then just storing it, or has someone tried it against the unstoved?
I have found that results vary a ton from blend to blend. One of the first blends I stoved was Manhattan Afternoon from c&d. Not a ton of change, just sort of smoothed out the rough edges.

The one I noticed the most change in was PS luxury navy flake. Fresh I found it to be ashy and blah. Stoved took away the ash & added a nice depth. Or I noticed the depth more because I wasn't getting distracted by the ashy taste. Not as good as the aged sample I was given a while back, but a good substitute


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How did the Golden Extra turn out??
I tried the Golden Extra this morning. First off it darkened up a quite a bit. The aroma deepened and it got a lot richer with sweet grass, fruit and a subtle toasted character. As I smoked it, it seemed to be mellowed, more refined. There was the same sweetness to it but it seemed to have a deeper level of flavor. On the flip side there was some sour notes here and there and it became a little unpleastant towards the end. This was all based off of one bowl. I only smoke 1-2 bowls a day with over 30 blends on hand so not something I am going to be testing every other bowl.

I think everyone should experiment and try this out for themselves. Is the blend better? No I don't think so. Is it different, yes indeed. Is it more of what I want out if it...not sure.


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I haven't done it in awhile but really enjoy stoved Erinmore Flake. I put it in the oven for 6 hours at 180º Fahrenheit. Let it settle for a couple of days and ya got some good stuff. I haven't read through this entire thread yet, I'm pretty sure someone else has posted about this here but it's the only one I've tried with any success. A forum friend of mine loves stoving Dunhill's Ye Olde Signe but I have yet to try it and I probably never will as I only have one tin left. I enjoy Erinmore Flake more the way it comes but sometimes it's fun to have something a little different. The stoving process is no substitute for aging.


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I'm not sure I cared much for the stoving I did on the Sutliff Sweet Virginia and Virginia Slices. It produced a bit of a toasted noted that I didn't think complimented the tobacco. But I still have some Mac Baren Dark Twist to try from the same stoving session. As for the Mac Baren Golden extra it's been over a month in the jar after stoving so I want to give it another go and smoke some in the morning.

Perhaps I can achieve a more desirable result with a lower temp or shorter time. The toasted character just seem to change the blend a bit too much instead of making it better.