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Stoving Tobacco

Mr Beardsley

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Are y’all stoving and then just storing it, or has someone tried it against the unstoved?
I have found that results vary a ton from blend to blend. One of the first blends I stoved was Manhattan Afternoon from c&d. Not a ton of change, just sort of smoothed out the rough edges.

The one I noticed the most change in was PS luxury navy flake. Fresh I found it to be ashy and blah. Stoved took away the ash & added a nice depth. Or I noticed the depth more because I wasn't getting distracted by the ashy taste. Not as good as the aged sample I was given a while back, but a good substitute


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How did the Golden Extra turn out??
I tried the Golden Extra this morning. First off it darkened up a quite a bit. The aroma deepened and it got a lot richer with sweet grass, fruit and a subtle toasted character. As I smoked it, it seemed to be mellowed, more refined. There was the same sweetness to it but it seemed to have a deeper level of flavor. On the flip side there was some sour notes here and there and it became a little unpleastant towards the end. This was all based off of one bowl. I only smoke 1-2 bowls a day with over 30 blends on hand so not something I am going to be testing every other bowl.

I think everyone should experiment and try this out for themselves. Is the blend better? No I don't think so. Is it different, yes indeed. Is it more of what I want out if it...not sure.


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I haven't done it in awhile but really enjoy stoved Erinmore Flake. I put it in the oven for 6 hours at 180º Fahrenheit. Let it settle for a couple of days and ya got some good stuff. I haven't read through this entire thread yet, I'm pretty sure someone else has posted about this here but it's the only one I've tried with any success. A forum friend of mine loves stoving Dunhill's Ye Olde Signe but I have yet to try it and I probably never will as I only have one tin left. I enjoy Erinmore Flake more the way it comes but sometimes it's fun to have something a little different. The stoving process is no substitute for aging.


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I'm not sure I cared much for the stoving I did on the Sutliff Sweet Virginia and Virginia Slices. It produced a bit of a toasted noted that I didn't think complimented the tobacco. But I still have some Mac Baren Dark Twist to try from the same stoving session. As for the Mac Baren Golden extra it's been over a month in the jar after stoving so I want to give it another go and smoke some in the morning.

Perhaps I can achieve a more desirable result with a lower temp or shorter time. The toasted character just seem to change the blend a bit too much instead of making it better.


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I just put some of the mighty Drexel VIII VaPer in to stove at 200F. Will leave it for 5 hours or so.

As a special twist, I put it into an empty Pelican tin with the paper still inside, thinking it'll give it an ever-so-slight Latakia note.

And an extra-special twist, I coated the flakes with rum. :drinkin:


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Herewith the results - but first, I think we need to be wary of Fred Hanna's statement, "DO NOT REMOVE THE PAPER LABEL as this temperature is not hot enough to cause the paper to ignite." Maybe it's something particular to this type of tin/paper/glue, but I'm glad I caught it before walking the dog.

And here's before and after....

Part of the change is likely the rum I added. And the flake got broken up a bit with all the handling. I'm going to give a few days of rest before smoking.