Sold! Stupid Crazy Pipe


That'll do, Pig.
Sometimes you just gotta. I have some big big half moons, top grade stuff, just begging. So... get grinding and fool around long enough and you make a giant ugly pipe. Luckily there's a few giant ugly suckers on this board who might just be drunk enough to buy it.

It stands on a wee flat area on the foot. But I wouldn't call it a ballerina, not to it's face anyway.



This thing's pretty huge, 6 1/2" long from stem to the crown there, and the bowl is 2 1/2" tall, the chamber is fully 2" deep by 13/16, which is a magic smoking size for me. Stem is ebonite with a little acrylic accent, it buries into a little area in the plateau. Tenon and mortise etc are all normal, passes a cleaner.

350.00 all in for this chunker.
I love this but I told myself I'm not buying any more until I sell some of my restorations. Buttttt, I have this crazy thought in my mind of a pipe exactly like this but with the rounded top transitioning down into paneled sides, I'm still looking for something like that with a dual stem setup. Lovely accent as well!

Russ H.

Fight The Good Fight
The grain in this pipe is stunning. Folks this is an ultimate example of a pipe maker stepping out of the traditional pipes He is used to making. This pipe exhibits just all around Free Hand beauty done exceptionally well. There is no other to describe this pipe other than exceptional. Who ever ends up with this will be very happy.