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Sudden issue with drooling

The Postman

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I salivate like a rabid dog no matter what I smoke. Always have moisture in my bowls and gurgling even with english blends. And like you when I clinch it just runs out my mouth sometimes. I have been looking into a peterson or savinelli dry system pipe because of it. Its better if I smoke a filtered pipe but most of my pipes don’t take a filter.


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Just speculation but I think it may be due to a subconscious reaction of tension In the jaw muscles activating the salivary glands as a response to perceived food. It takes a bit but many folks seem to figure it out and the reaction diminishes I time. When I first started I would almost choke to death on my own spit.


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I think people who normally have their mouth closed tend to autonomically maintain their saliva levels. But then your mouth is held open more and the spit isn't getting swallowed as much.
There are also blends that still make me want to spit when I smoke them. A reaction of the mouth to a taste or chemical imbalance.
If you are really in excess get one of those crab bibs. Not only fashionable but people will think you are a fine diner.


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Your post made me think about my saliva and smoking, as I constantly clench. I don’t salivate while clenching a pipe, but if I leave a cigar in my mouth, lit or not, I start gushing. I wonder if it has to do with my mouth being open, like @Marker suggested? Food for thought.
Cigars I do drool like that. I have a really large tongue so that also doesn't help


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@BryanSmokesPipes it sounds as if this is a change from the way things normally go. Have other things changed as well? Are you smoking less than normal, or switched to a different clenching spot?
I always have an onrush of saliva production when I first start on a bowl, but it subsides pretty quickly. Of course, I smoke several pipes a day. I imagine it would be worse if one smoked less frequently.


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When my head is tilted back and I have a pipe sticking out of my mouth, I don’t notice any unusual salivary production. When I’m leaning forward with a pipe in my mouth, the opposite occurs. And feeling liquid in your mouth promotes salivary production.
Try tilting you head back slightly when smoking and see if that helps.
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