Sun Bear


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I picked up two tins from my "local" B&M (which is a four hour drive each way from my home) when in town for a meeting. Went back today and bought two more, left one on the shelf. They charge full MSRP, but I understand why and like to support them when I can. Smoked two bowls on the drive home and it is a spicy Va/Or with a hint of sweetness, to my taste. I'm not sorry I went back and bought two more. I think it is aptly named.


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Aaaaaand it's gone. Everywhere. Curse my frugal nature!
I'm very frugal too (have to be). But as a big fan of C&D, I definitely regret not buying just one tin. The day it came out I'd just spent $130 at Watch City - 26% MA tax and all. However, the main reason I passed was because Sansepolcro really put me off.

With that said, they've had quite a bit of success with their Small Batch blends, and I wouldn't be surprised if Sun Bear either makes a comeback next year or we end up seeing other new Small Batch blends released more frequently.

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Small Batch is a safe line of offerings for them. If it's good, it's all sold, not even the retailer gets hung up with old stock. If it's bad, (moldy) it's a really small recall and loss. But Carolina Red Flake is a Small Batch offering that's been out three times despite the first one was recalled. Sansapolcro also has run at least twice. Those are the two that I recall. There may be more.