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I am extremely picky when it comes to aromatics. I normally would never have picked up a tin of EGR, but I decided to give it a shot after seeing so many pictures of the tin in the WAYS thread.

I am glad I did. From the description I was expecting a heavily cased blend, but it was the opposite. From the tin note you could smell it was an aromatic, but not overpowering like most others. Also the tobacco was on the drier side with nice thick cuts of leaves.

You can taste all of the wonderful components of this blend, from the aromatic flavors to the individual tobaccos. Just a light flavoring that works in complete sync with the burleys. The cavendish is sweet and tasty.

But what really left an impression on me from the first bowl was the way the Latakia played off the toppings. Its hard to explain, but they seem to meld together. Paradoxically I usually avoid light lat blends and go for bombs or none, but this is fantastic.

I highly recommend this to all pipe smokers, even those that tend to shy away from aromatics like myself. I am going to be reaching for this blend to satisfy some lat cravings going forward. The burleys come through nicely and the cavendish is done well.

Four stars.
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