Sutliff Elizabethan Match/Match Victorian


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To anyone who knows this blend and bought it recently, has it changed? A friend bought some on my recommendation (he loves VaPers) and what he got was a chocolate/vanilla/caramel aromatic. I haven’t bought any since I loaded up at least a year ago, probably more like two years ago. It’s always been a fuller bodied VaPer to my tastes, along the lines (but not the equal of) Rouxgaroux and Verge Engine Overdrive. I’m pretty sure I cellared 9 pounds or so, it seemed a no-brainer at $28 a pound. So if it has changed, I won’t be going without for a very long time but I’d still consider it a big loss. I’m hoping this was just a mislabeled bag.


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I saw a tobacco review on YouTube a couple days ago that has this same problem, he said it was overwhelming vanilla aroma and taste, sorry i can’t help personally. But your friend isn’t the only one (unless he is stuff and things on YouTube)

Edit: maybe it wasn’t the match blends he said that about, but Elizabethan itself


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Sutliff must have mixed up the bag markings. I just smoked their match against the original and thought they were pretty close. Most of the time Sutliff match blends are way off but i think they got this one right. I think your friend got the wrong blend


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Interesting thread. I bought a few ounces late last year based on the TR reviews comparing it favorably to the Dunhill Elizabethan Murray’s version. Unfortunately, the match I received had a lollipop and faintly vanilla'ish bag note. I found it to be more of a middle of the road light aromatic than a Va Per. I thought about buying a few ounces from a different vendor, just to see if a mistake was made along the way.