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Tea + Not Tea


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Mr. @Teddy Jeavons blessed me with a package that I anticipated to be full of a few timely tea samples while I awaited my Yunnan Sourcing order from China. He casually mentioned a few other things might have “fallen in the box”.

Much to my dismay, when the package arrived I found a baggie of 7 different tea samples but also 6 different Esoterica blends and a sample of Germain’s Special Latakia Flake. As if that wasn’t enough, amongst the fold was a Charatan’s Make pot big enough to not look silly in my gigantic face.

Truly more than I bargained for, and whilst Teddy refused return fire, since I was insistent he directed my attention to a GoFundMe account to support a former teacher of his that has moved to Honduras and spends all their money & time helping people in a small village there. Thank you for your generosity Aaron, I'll be sure to pay it forward. 07F33112-A671-4B24-86B1-35EA52E09A2B.jpeg C6E827CA-7C21-473D-925F-F505A8632D0D.jpeg