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Reduced! Tekin "Sultan" meerschaum


This is a large and beautifully carved pipe signed by Tekin. I'm not comfortable calling it unsmoked but it looks like it hasn't been - there is some slight ash marks in the bowl (pictured) which kinda looks like it was filled and almost lit but then emptied and not smoked. In any case, it's in almost new condition to my eyes. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Bowl width at opening 21mm
Bowl depth 66mm :eek:
Sultan chin to top of his hat, 110mm (4.25”)
Sultan chin to the start of the bit (all meerschaum), 155mm (6”)

$295 $250 shipped in the USA by USPS Priority Mail. International on request.

IMG_2172.jpg IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2174.jpg IMG_2175.jpg IMG_2176.jpg IMG_2177.jpg
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